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#82-83 Guatemala and El Salvador: cliched NYC blogger dude goes to Red Hook

Share So yeah… I went to Red Hook ball fields for Latin food, and I’m at least seven years too late to be cool. If you’re familiar with the NYC food scene, you’re either licking your chops right now in expectation of awesome Latin food porn, or else you’re rolling your eyes at me for […]


#73 Honduras: ever wish you could smash a plastic bag?

Share I’m pretty clumsy, so I’m really not a fan of fine china, crystal glassware, or fancy silverware. I’m also half-Greek: when we’re really happy about something, we smash plates and glasses on the floor. So if you pull my food out of a Tupperware and stick it on a paper plate, I’m pretty stoked. […]


#60 Panama: do pig tails go boing in your mouth?

Share Whenever I travel overseas, I inevitably experience something that I call the “evil glint” food encounter.  A friendly native will offer me an opportunity to try some of their food.  It’s a perfectly pleasant encounter at first, and then the native gets an evil glint in his/her eye, and realizes that it would be […]