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#0 Eating Australia: chew the crocodile before it chews you

  As threatened in a crusty old blog post about Australian food, I finally spent a month in Australia.  And for most of the trip, I felt a burning sensation in my ass.  I think it was caused by the fact that money was flying out of my wallet so fast that it created sparks, […]


#37 Australia: mmm, kangaroo meat

In preparation for my (possible) upcoming (fantasy?) trip to Australia, I decided that it was time to eat some kangaroo salad.  You know, since I’m all about stereotypes and stuff, I figured that the national dish of Australia has to be marsupial meat of some kind… so why not chop up a kangaroo and put […]


#16 New Zealand: The Kiwi Hamburger Hosing

Whenever I eat a burger in Manhattan, I can’t help but think that I’m getting completely hosed. A few nights ago, I was sitting in a nondescript Midtown bar, watching the Sox-Yankees game and texting an old buddy of mine who lives in a small city in Iowa. I was eating a nondescript burger ($11.95, […]