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Olive oil shots, anybody?

  One of the small perks of being a food blogger is that you occasionally get invited to random, interesting meals. Yes, of course they’re designed as marketing opportunities. But sometimes, they’re pretty darned fun, anyway. So I was invited to an olive oil tasting – and I probably wouldn’t have guessed that such a thing […]


“pickled herring and animal innards are particularly pleasant”

  To my tremendous surprise, this jiggly six-year-old corner of the internet has suddenly received more than its share of publicity this week. Some highlights: Time Out NYC – Apparently, I said that “pickled herring and animal innards are particularly pleasant.” WTF?! I mean, I did say something like that, but it’s funny to see […]


#0 Eating Alaska

I really didn’t think that it would be worth mentioning my trip to Alaska on a New York food blog.  Alaska isn’t particularly known for its international culinary wonders, unless you’re really into mooseburgers, reindeer sausage, or bear steaks. We were in Alaska for three weeks, thinking that we would get away from the mayhem […]