NYC International Food Blog Links

Giants of NYC Ethnic Eating

There are plenty of eloquent people eating interesting food in NYC, but these three guys deserve a special mention.  These guys have eaten more international food than I could ever dream of, and their writings have led me to dozens of amazing meals.  Thanks, guys.

  • Eating in Translation, by New York Times writer Dave Cook — easily NYC’s best blog for finding international food festivals and events
  • Fork in the Road, by Robert Sietsema, writer of the incomparable Guide to NYC Ethnic Eats… if there was justice in this world, that book never woulda gone out of print
  • Eating The World In New York City, by Jared Cohee


Other Tasty, Useful NYC Food Blogs and Websites

  • Real Cheap Eats — lists good food under $10
  • United Noshes — two lovely New Yorkers prepare meals from every country in the world, and donate the proceeds to World Food Program USA
  • Global Kitchen NYC — New York City cooking school with immigrant instructors from Guyana, Egypt, and Ethiopia, among other nations
  • Taxi Gourmet — this is pretty awesome:  a food blogger jumps into random taxi cabs, and asks the drivers to take her to their favorite restaurants… good stuff
  • Law and Food — written by the two least-boring lawyers on earth
  • City Spoonful
  • The Girl Who Ate Everything — The Girl has been eating Everything since 2004, and her writing is still pretty funny
  • Word of Mouth — unusually well-written, literary food blog
  • NY Knife and Fork
  • Diplomat Dining — food blog written by diplomats; lamentably dormant for the past year or two
  • Mahlzeit! — random thoughts on eating out in New York, Portugal, and elsewhere
  • Eatery Row
  • Weird Food — and really, who doesn’t love weird food?  Bull penis, anyone?
  • Project Latte


Food-friendly NYC Neighborhood Websites